sales funnels


Launch Funnel

Launch Funnels are great for the sale of online courses of any genre. Experts from all around the world have been using this strategy to sell their personal development programs, yoga lessons, sports trainings, and even cake decoration courses…the results are just incredible !


We’ve been big fans of this technique since 2008, and have proudly taken part in the background of some of the most successful 6- and 7-figure launches ever registered worldwide.

Automated Funnel

Using an automated funnel to sell physical or digital products is definitely a great idea. This efficient 3-step process can quickly turn your prospects into buyers by gradually offering them things they can’t resist. The best part about it is that this sales process works on autopilot while you spend your time on what really makes a difference in your business and your life !


Artist Funnel

This is the perfect funnel for artists who wants to boost their music and/or books sales on major digital distribution platforms like iTunes or Amazon or to make more sales directly from their websites or online stores.


If you are a musician, an author, a photographer, or another kind of artist…or if you work closely with an artist (as a manager, for example), the artist funnel is a great strategy that will help you transform “passive” fans into “active” fans and “super” fans that will want to support your career.

Hot-Leads Funnel

If you’re a professional and you’re sick of old-school cold-calling strategies that doesn’t give any results and if you want a good strategy that earns you more leads, generating more phone calls and meetings to sell your services, then you definitely should consider getting a Hot-Leads Funnel for your business. This type of sales funnel is a simple and direct way to promote your services, to generate targeted leads, and to get them to take action fast when it comes to booking a meeting with you.


If you’re a designer, a real estate broker, a lawyer, an insurance broker, or if you operate any kind of service-based business, a Hot-Leads Funnel could literally change your life by bringing you a constant stream of new clients without any extra effort or energy.


Webinar Funnel

If you’re a consultant, trainer, speaker, or you operate an MLM business, then you should definitely consider hosting webinars to get new clients and boost your sales.


Webinars are very popular right now and they are a simple and efficient way to inform clients, train team members, and present your products or services.


With a Webinar Funnel, you can easily double or triple your attendees at your virtual conferences in days. Promoting your webinars with this technique can help you to get quality leads right away and gain more sales in the end!